Monday, June 30, 2014

Blinkie Tut

First you are going to need a kit or elements of your choosing. I am using my Creepy Zombie kit that is exclusive to Scrapsnco HERE
You will also need a font that will show up well for your blinkie. Each computer is different so choose

Ok, lets start and prepare for lost of layers, working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop.

Open a new image 300x100 with a transparent background.
I start my blikies this big and resize them in animation shop.
Fill with the paper or color of your choosing.
I used paper 06 from my creepy zombie kit.
Merge all and keep as your "background".
Add some elements you wish to use.
Add a new layer and add your element.
I resize mine to about 30-25%.
Place them how you wish and add a drop shadow if you wish.
I used these settings 1,1,80,5.
Once things look how you want, merge all, copy, and paste as a new image in animation shop.
With your font of choosing type in what you want the blinkie to say.
I changed my font size to 30.
Go to Objects, Align, Center in Canvas.
Convert to Raster Layer.
I added a white gradient glow from Eyecandy 4000.
Merge all and go to paste after current.
Go back to your original with out the writing, copy, paste after current.
CTRL Z until the font is gone and there is only your "background" layer or your original layer you have as your first cell in your animation shop.
At this point I add a butterfly or something to move around a bit before I finish off my blinkie.
It just adds that little something fun. ;)
Add your final saying and go to Objects, Align, Center in Canvas.
Merge all and copy and paste after current.
Go to your first cell in animation shop, copy, paste after current.
Now it's all about the animation
Choose your second cell or frame and go to effect and choose an effect you want to use.
Do the same thing for your final words for your blinkie as well.
I use Effects, Insert Image Transition and what ever you choose.
Once you like how everything looks, CTL A and all the boxes light up.
Enter & ALT and you can change the speed, I use 35 or 45.
View animation, CTL & S and 150x50 and save.
Hope this tut works for you. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elias Halloween-FTU

I am using the tube of Elias Chatzoudis and you can get all his tubes at his store HERE
(I bought this tube at PTE when they were up and running, please use the appropriate license.)
DBS-Bright Noise

That's about it. :D

Open an image 600x250.
Select 2 colors from your tube that compliment each other and use your Foreground gradient and fill your image with that gradient.
Effect-Distortion Effect-Displacement Map,Dither 25 pct, stretch to fit canvas checked,blur 0, 2D, intensity 100%, OK.
Use your preset shape-rectangle and make a rectangle like mine.
Objects-Align-Center In Canvas-Convert To Raster Layer.
Choose a Halloween type font and type out "I Love Halloween" or something else you like.
Make sure it stretches the full length of your canvas.
Objects-Align-Center In Canvas-Convert To Raster Layer.
Add a new layer and add your tube.
Duplicate your tube.
Bottom layer-Blur-Gaussian Blur-3-OK.
Add Xero-Porcelain and make sure all the colors are 0,ok.
Add this drop shadow -5,5,50,5.
Top layer make the blend mode Hard Light.
Hide everything but the tubes and Merge Visible.
Merge Visible again.
Add a new layer and add a color from your tube again.
Selections-Contract-8-ok-invert-Contract-3-ok-add a new layer while you still have the marching ants and add another color, right click to stop the ants.
Add your copyright and license info and name.
Hide the very top layer of your border and merge visible.
Click on the border and use your DBS-Bright Noise-Mix-100%.
Merge all and paste as a new image in your animation shop.
CTL+Z until your noise is gone.
Re add the noise again, merge all, paste before current, and repeat.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Burn Baby Burn-FTU-Ismael Rac

For this tut you will need a tube of choice.
I am using Ismael Rac HERE.
You need a license to use his work.

You will also need Alien Skin Eye Candy5-Fire and Mura's Miester-Copies.
Font of choice and my template you can get HERE
(This template was made for this tut and this tut alone.)
If you get lost, look at my tag. :D

Lets begin.

Open template-shift & D- close out the original template.
Remove the credits.
Go to back ground and select 2 colors from your tube.
Go to your gradients and find your foreground/background gradient and click on it.
Fill with the gradient.
Hide Burn Baby Burn and the 2 banners for now.
Add a new layer to the background and add your tube.
Add this drop shadow: 1,1,50,5.
Duplicate your tube and hide the top layer.
On the bottom layer, duplicate again and CTL&M and mirror it.
Merge down the tube you just mirrored.
Open Mura's Miesters-Copies-Line and change the top number to 5, hit OK.
Merge visible and effects-texture effects-mosaic glass-use the default settings.
(Use the scroll down menu and click on default.)

Unhide everything and move your tube to the top layer.
Change the color of the banners to match your tube.
On the bottom banner-adjust-add/remove noise-uniform-55%.
Merge down the words and both banners.
When that is done add the same drop shadow as before.
You should have 3 layer now.
Your background layer, banner layer, and tube layer.

At this point you will want to add all your copyright, license number, and name.
On the background add 3 layers and name them 1,2,3 and open your alien skin eyecandy5-fire.

Layer 1: Make sure start from bottom is clicked.
Use these settings: 200,18,60,80,40,95,0.
Repeat all this for layers 2 and 3 and make sure you are hitting random seed.

Once this is all done. hide layers 2&3 and merge all.
Copy and pate in your animation shop.
CTL&Z will let you go back so you can unhide layer 2 and delete layer 1.
Merge all, copy, and paste after current.
Repeat with layer 3.

In your animation shop, CTL&A will light up all your frames.
View your animation and if you need to alter your animation.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Arthur Crowe EMO Set-FTU.

I'm using the art of Arthur Crowe you can find all his amazing tubes and other goodies at his store HERE
Font I am using is Diamante and is a FTU font you can get HERE
Plugins I will be using are Eyecandy 4000-Gradient Glow, Murias Miesters-Copies, and Xero-Porcelain.

Lets begin...

Open a new image 600x250, add your tube, duplicate-mirror-merge down.
Open muras copies-line-10-ok.
Move the tube up a little and merge all.
Adjust-Blue-Motion Blur-0,100%-do this again and this time angle 90.
Effects-Distortion-Displacement Map.
Click stretch to fit image-2D-offset-Repeat.
Click on any of your textures to make the background image your own.
Add a new layer and add your tube-duplicate-mirror-merge down-duplicate again.
Set your top layer to Hard Light and bottom layer to Multiply.
On the bottom layer Adjust-Gaussian Blur,5.
Add Xero-Porcelain-make sure all your colors are at 0-ok.
Merge All.

Type the name you want for your tag.
I used white.
Use your wand and click on the first letter, Adjust-Color Balance-Manual Color Corrector.
Right click so there are no more marching ants.
Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat-add a new layer and add your gradient glow (choose 1 or 2 colors from your tube.)
Merge down and add this drop shadow 1,1,50,5.
Add your copy right and license number.

Add a new layer of a color from your tube.
Selections-select all-modify-contract-4-delete.
Duplicate for a total of 3 times.
Arrange how you'd like things to look on your tag.

Back to the border.
Top layer-Adjust-Noise-55% or whatever you want.
Do the same things with the copies of the borders.
Hide the other 2 layers.
Click on the top layer-merge visible-copy-paste in your animation shop.
Go back one-click on the next layer-merge visible-paste before current.
Repeat above.
Merge visible-paste before current.
CTL A and view your animation to make sure it's what you want.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pop Dat Cherry-PTU-Fabulous Designz

I am using Janice's kit Pop Dat Cherry which can be found at SATC

I am using Elias Chatzoudis and you can get all his tubes and other incredible work HERE

I am using Kristin's Valentine template that you can find on her blog HERE
If you download from her blog, leave her some love.

Open your template-Shift&D-close out the original template.
Remove the credits, froggie stickers on the sides, "Froggie" word art, and the heart.

Merge down raster 11 and the copy of raster 11, change the color to your liking and add Xero-Fritillary and use these settings I used.

Merge down raster 10 and copy of raster 10 and add Tramages-Tow The Line, use the default settings.

Merge down raster 9 and copy of raster 9 and fill with paper1.
Merge down raster 8 and copy of raster 8 and fill with paper9.
Fill raster 7 with paper10 and add a white gradient glow.
The pink glitter circle use Shift&L and change the color of the circle to grey to do that make sure the right number is "0".
Fill the other circle with paper2.

Merge down raster 4&3.
Add a new layer and grab plates, re size, 45% and place to the bottom of the circle.
Open your tube and add as a new lay and make it appear to be sitting or whatever on the plates.
Re size as needed for the tube.

On the tube layer do this.
Selections-float-defloat-add a new layer and add a white gradient glow.
Click off the white gradient glow and adjust-add noise-uniform-100%.
Merge down the gradient glow to the tube and add this drop shadow-1,1,50,5.

Add a new layer to raster8 and add bow1-re size-40%-rotate-right-15%.
On the rounded rectangle layer add the heart cherries-as a new layer-re size-35%-add a white gradient glow-duplicate-mirror-merge down and add the same drop shadow as above.
On the same layer as the cherries grab big flower2-re size-45% and place to the upper left of the template-duplicate-mirror-flip-merge down- add the above drop shadow.
Do the same thing with the red flower.
Back to the plates, choose 2 cupcakes-re size-55% and place to either side of the plates.
Merge visible-add your copyright and proper license and enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jose Cano-FTU-Tut

For this tut you will need a tube of choice, I'm using Jose Cano who can be found at SATC
I am using animation 247 from Simone and you can find all of her beautiful animations on her blog HERE
Font of choice and your imagination.

Open a new image 600x250 and choose 2 colors from your tube of choice.
Set your background color and foreground color to your liking, go threw your gradient palette and find foreground/background color.
Fill the background with the gradient color.
Add a new layer and add your tube, position where you like, duplicate and hide the top layer.
Open Mura's Miester-copies-duplicate-change the top number to 10.
Effects-artistic-halftone-circle-change the colors to match your tube.

On the tube layer, duplicate again.
Bottom layer-adjust-gaussian blur-5.
Add Xero-Radiance-use default.
Add Xero-porcelian-make sure all the colors are 0.
Add this drop shadow to the bottom tube layer -5,5,50,5.
Top layer change blend mode to luminance or what ever you prefer.

Add a new layer-add a matching color to your tube-selections-contract-6-delete.
Add another new layer-another color that matched your tube or the gradient-selections-contract-3-delete.

Add your copyright and proper license.

How I animated:
Hide the border,tube layers, merge visible.
Copy the halftone,paste as a new layer in animation shop.
Paste before current as many times as the animation, mine was 20.
CTL+A highlights all frames in animation, copy, paste on your halftone layer.
Place where you want.
Hide the merged layer, merge visible rest of the layers.
Copy paste as a new layer, paste before current 20 times, copy, paste on your animation set.
Play and save.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Martin Abel Tattoo Facebook Banner

I am using one of Vix's wonderful textures that you can find on her blog HERE
(Leave her some love when you download them. ♥)
I am using a tube my Martin Abel and you can find him at CDO HERE
You need a proper license to use his tubes.
Any tattoo font will do and the one I am using is found HERE

Word art by me and just right click and save to your computer.

Open a new image 817x323
Fill with white of matching color from your tube.
Add your tube as a new layer and fallow these directions.
Open Mura Miester-copies-preset-Wall Paper-Rotate-30-OK.
Merge All-Adjust-Motion Blur-90 degrees-and again-0 degrees.
Open the texture of choice-re size-817 or about that size-and move to how you like to see the texture.
Go over to the right to the layered section and make the blend mode-overlay.
Merge all again.
If you like a different blend mode, please use it.
Add a new layer and add my word art-re size-65% and add a gradient glow and add this drop shadow 1,1,80,5.
Add a new layer and add your tube.
Add elements if you wish and just make it your own.
Merge all again and add your proper copyright for Facebook when should look a little something like this. ©Martin Abel CDO_1234

To make a Facebook avatar.
Image-Canvas Size-300x300-and click on the little arrow in which direction you like.
Play around with it.
Add same copyright for Facebook and your name.