Friday, June 14, 2013

Burn Baby Burn-FTU-Ismael Rac

For this tut you will need a tube of choice.
I am using Ismael Rac HERE.
You need a license to use his work.

You will also need Alien Skin Eye Candy5-Fire and Mura's Miester-Copies.
Font of choice and my template you can get HERE
(This template was made for this tut and this tut alone.)
If you get lost, look at my tag. :D

Lets begin.

Open template-shift & D- close out the original template.
Remove the credits.
Go to back ground and select 2 colors from your tube.
Go to your gradients and find your foreground/background gradient and click on it.
Fill with the gradient.
Hide Burn Baby Burn and the 2 banners for now.
Add a new layer to the background and add your tube.
Add this drop shadow: 1,1,50,5.
Duplicate your tube and hide the top layer.
On the bottom layer, duplicate again and CTL&M and mirror it.
Merge down the tube you just mirrored.
Open Mura's Miesters-Copies-Line and change the top number to 5, hit OK.
Merge visible and effects-texture effects-mosaic glass-use the default settings.
(Use the scroll down menu and click on default.)

Unhide everything and move your tube to the top layer.
Change the color of the banners to match your tube.
On the bottom banner-adjust-add/remove noise-uniform-55%.
Merge down the words and both banners.
When that is done add the same drop shadow as before.
You should have 3 layer now.
Your background layer, banner layer, and tube layer.

At this point you will want to add all your copyright, license number, and name.
On the background add 3 layers and name them 1,2,3 and open your alien skin eyecandy5-fire.

Layer 1: Make sure start from bottom is clicked.
Use these settings: 200,18,60,80,40,95,0.
Repeat all this for layers 2 and 3 and make sure you are hitting random seed.

Once this is all done. hide layers 2&3 and merge all.
Copy and pate in your animation shop.
CTL&Z will let you go back so you can unhide layer 2 and delete layer 1.
Merge all, copy, and paste after current.
Repeat with layer 3.

In your animation shop, CTL&A will light up all your frames.
View your animation and if you need to alter your animation.

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