Friday, March 30, 2012

Elias Hero Tut...


For this tut you will need Eyecandy 4000-Gradiesnt Glow and Mura's Miesters-Copies
Everything else is on your PSP.

Tube of choice, preferably a action hero looking tube or
I'm using the fabulous work of Elias Chatzoudis and you can get his tubes at PTE

The font I'm using is PTU, so here's a link to some FTU comic fonts for this tut HERE

Lets begin...This is fun and easy!!

Open a new image 600x300 and fill with the color from your tube.
You will need 2 colors.

Paste the smaller tube as a new layer and use your Mura's copies and use the preset menus and scroll down to the Wall Paper-Rotate.
Press OK and go to your Effects-Distortion Effects-Pixelate-11-OK.
Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-5.00-OK
The top color is the color that will be left on your tag.
This is where it's up to you.
It can be lighter or darker.
Mine was a lighter color.
Ok....Lets add s word.
I chose MEOW.

Type your word-convert to raster layer.
Open your copies again and the drop down preset menu.
Wall Paper-Perspective and the top number your want to be between 20 & 50, OK.
Add your tube as a new layer and add a white gradient glow to your tube and resize if need.
Add a drop shadow.
On the word layer add a word box from your preset shape.
Back to the tube, the blended layer selection to your right change the selection to Hard Light-Duplicate-Merge Down.
Looks a little comic

Before you merge all, arrange your tag how you want it to look.
Merge ALL!!

Add a new layer-Selections-All-Modify-Contract-3-OK-Invert.
Add your color from the tube.
Use your majik wand and click on the inside of the border you just added.
Zoom in a little fill the line bellow the border you just made.

Add a drop shadow and merge all.

Add your copyright, license info, and your good to go.

If you want to animate you may do so.

Place the name of the person receiving the tag.
Convert to raster layer-add drop shadow.

Ok...Adjust-Noise-50%-Uniform-Merge All-Copy-Paste as a new animation in your animation shop.
Ctl-Z takes you back to where the noise is gone.
Re add the noise and merge all and copy-paste in animation shop-before current.
Repeat last step again and paste before current in animation shop.
View your animation and your don!!

Long time no tut........

If you are a designer who makes kits, a tagger who enjoys your hobby, someone who tuts for friends, ect... You know who mojo is and what it does to us!! My mojo has been on the low side do to some family issues. I'm not going to say what is going on at this time, but things are looking better and hope to tut more in the month of April. Thanks for understanding.