Monday, June 30, 2014

Blinkie Tut

First you are going to need a kit or elements of your choosing. I am using my Creepy Zombie kit that is exclusive to Scrapsnco HERE
You will also need a font that will show up well for your blinkie. Each computer is different so choose

Ok, lets start and prepare for lost of layers, working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop.

Open a new image 300x100 with a transparent background.
I start my blikies this big and resize them in animation shop.
Fill with the paper or color of your choosing.
I used paper 06 from my creepy zombie kit.
Merge all and keep as your "background".
Add some elements you wish to use.
Add a new layer and add your element.
I resize mine to about 30-25%.
Place them how you wish and add a drop shadow if you wish.
I used these settings 1,1,80,5.
Once things look how you want, merge all, copy, and paste as a new image in animation shop.
With your font of choosing type in what you want the blinkie to say.
I changed my font size to 30.
Go to Objects, Align, Center in Canvas.
Convert to Raster Layer.
I added a white gradient glow from Eyecandy 4000.
Merge all and go to paste after current.
Go back to your original with out the writing, copy, paste after current.
CTRL Z until the font is gone and there is only your "background" layer or your original layer you have as your first cell in your animation shop.
At this point I add a butterfly or something to move around a bit before I finish off my blinkie.
It just adds that little something fun. ;)
Add your final saying and go to Objects, Align, Center in Canvas.
Merge all and copy and paste after current.
Go to your first cell in animation shop, copy, paste after current.
Now it's all about the animation
Choose your second cell or frame and go to effect and choose an effect you want to use.
Do the same thing for your final words for your blinkie as well.
I use Effects, Insert Image Transition and what ever you choose.
Once you like how everything looks, CTL A and all the boxes light up.
Enter & ALT and you can change the speed, I use 35 or 45.
View animation, CTL & S and 150x50 and save.
Hope this tut works for you. :)