Sunday, January 6, 2013

Martin Abel Tattoo Facebook Banner

I am using one of Vix's wonderful textures that you can find on her blog HERE
(Leave her some love when you download them. ♥)
I am using a tube my Martin Abel and you can find him at CDO HERE
You need a proper license to use his tubes.
Any tattoo font will do and the one I am using is found HERE

Word art by me and just right click and save to your computer.

Open a new image 817x323
Fill with white of matching color from your tube.
Add your tube as a new layer and fallow these directions.
Open Mura Miester-copies-preset-Wall Paper-Rotate-30-OK.
Merge All-Adjust-Motion Blur-90 degrees-and again-0 degrees.
Open the texture of choice-re size-817 or about that size-and move to how you like to see the texture.
Go over to the right to the layered section and make the blend mode-overlay.
Merge all again.
If you like a different blend mode, please use it.
Add a new layer and add my word art-re size-65% and add a gradient glow and add this drop shadow 1,1,80,5.
Add a new layer and add your tube.
Add elements if you wish and just make it your own.
Merge all again and add your proper copyright for Facebook when should look a little something like this. ©Martin Abel CDO_1234

To make a Facebook avatar.
Image-Canvas Size-300x300-and click on the little arrow in which direction you like.
Play around with it.
Add same copyright for Facebook and your name.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Garv Rocks-FTU

Template and kit can be found on my scrap blog HERE

I am using a tube by Keith Garvey I bough when MyPspTubes was around.
Keith now has his own store HERE (You still need a license to use his work.)

Font is VTK Dear Love and is FTU and you can get it HERE

Open my template-shift&d-close out the original template.
Remove my credits by hitting delete.

Merge down the bottom right and top left blue rectangle.
They are above each other.

Grab paper07 and fill the rectangles.
(Open pape07-as a new layer-selections-rectangles you just merged down-select all-float-defloat-invert-delete paper layer-select none.)
Add a gradient glow and this drop shadow 1,1,80,5.

Grab paper08 and fill top right rectangle.
Grab paper02 and fill bottom left rectangle.
Merge down-add gradient glow and add same drop shadow.
Fill the big black rectangle with paper06.
Add drop shadow, no gradient glow unless you want to.
Fill the white star with paper04.
The black border of the star, color if you like or leave as is.
To change the color Shift&L.
Add drop shadow.
Merge down the 2 red stars.
Adjust-noise-55%-uniform-add gradient glow and drop shadow.
Go to the credits layer and add your tube.
Use this drop shadow -5,5,50,5.

Grab the rockin skull-re size-55%-rotate-free-left-15%-and place as a new layer on the top right rectangle you merged down.
Go to the black star border-add a new layer and add the motorcycle-add drop shadow.
On the motorcycle layer-grab the sunglasses-re size-45%-add as a new layer-add drop shadow.
On the star layer-add a new layer-add the rock on hand-re size-45% and place at the bottom left star.
The black rectangle layer-grab the spiked belt- and place in the middle of the rectangle-add drop shadow.

Merge visible-add your copyright and proper license number.

I Luv Arthur Crowe-FTU

I'm using the incredible work of Arthur Crowe. You must have a license to use his work. Visit his store HERE

I don't remember the font I used, but you can get a ton of FTU fonts HERE

All my FTU kits and templates can be found on my scrap blog HERE

Open the template-shift&d- and close out the original template.

Remove my credits or raster 2.

Grab the music scatter and place on the background or raster 1.
Merge down the 2 pink squares and add paper03.
Add a white gradient glow if you want and then this drop shadow 1,1,80,5.

Grab paper06-merge down the black rectangles and fill with paper06.
Use the same drop shadow as above.

Grab paper01 and fill the orange rectangle-add a gradient glow of choice and same drop shadow.

Merge down both hearts and delete them.
Grab skull01-re size-45%-place on the heart layer you just merged down-rotate-free-15%-right-duplicate-mirror-and use your move tool and move the skull down to the bottom right ish corner. (See my tag for example.)

Red circle-adjust-noise-100%-uniform-monochrome checked.
Add drop shadow.

Grab paper08 and fill the white circle.

Grab your tube of choice and add as a new layer.
Play around with setting and plugins and make it special.

Go back to the white circle-add a new layer-grab headphones-re size-45%-rotate-left-free-15%-and place bottom left of your tube.
Add a new layer-grab sneakers-re size-45% and place in front of the headphones.
Go to top right rectangle on the template-and add lips02 as a new layer.
Re size lips02-45%-rotate-free-15%-right and add your drop shadow.
Merge visible and don't forget your copy right and license info!!