Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Luv Arthur Crowe-FTU

I'm using the incredible work of Arthur Crowe. You must have a license to use his work. Visit his store HERE

I don't remember the font I used, but you can get a ton of FTU fonts HERE

All my FTU kits and templates can be found on my scrap blog HERE

Open the template-shift&d- and close out the original template.

Remove my credits or raster 2.

Grab the music scatter and place on the background or raster 1.
Merge down the 2 pink squares and add paper03.
Add a white gradient glow if you want and then this drop shadow 1,1,80,5.

Grab paper06-merge down the black rectangles and fill with paper06.
Use the same drop shadow as above.

Grab paper01 and fill the orange rectangle-add a gradient glow of choice and same drop shadow.

Merge down both hearts and delete them.
Grab skull01-re size-45%-place on the heart layer you just merged down-rotate-free-15%-right-duplicate-mirror-and use your move tool and move the skull down to the bottom right ish corner. (See my tag for example.)

Red circle-adjust-noise-100%-uniform-monochrome checked.
Add drop shadow.

Grab paper08 and fill the white circle.

Grab your tube of choice and add as a new layer.
Play around with setting and plugins and make it special.

Go back to the white circle-add a new layer-grab headphones-re size-45%-rotate-left-free-15%-and place bottom left of your tube.
Add a new layer-grab sneakers-re size-45% and place in front of the headphones.
Go to top right rectangle on the template-and add lips02 as a new layer.
Re size lips02-45%-rotate-free-15%-right and add your drop shadow.
Merge visible and don't forget your copy right and license info!!

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