Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Garv Rocks-FTU

Template and kit can be found on my scrap blog HERE

I am using a tube by Keith Garvey I bough when MyPspTubes was around.
Keith now has his own store HERE (You still need a license to use his work.)

Font is VTK Dear Love and is FTU and you can get it HERE

Open my template-shift&d-close out the original template.
Remove my credits by hitting delete.

Merge down the bottom right and top left blue rectangle.
They are above each other.

Grab paper07 and fill the rectangles.
(Open pape07-as a new layer-selections-rectangles you just merged down-select all-float-defloat-invert-delete paper layer-select none.)
Add a gradient glow and this drop shadow 1,1,80,5.

Grab paper08 and fill top right rectangle.
Grab paper02 and fill bottom left rectangle.
Merge down-add gradient glow and add same drop shadow.
Fill the big black rectangle with paper06.
Add drop shadow, no gradient glow unless you want to.
Fill the white star with paper04.
The black border of the star, color if you like or leave as is.
To change the color Shift&L.
Add drop shadow.
Merge down the 2 red stars.
Adjust-noise-55%-uniform-add gradient glow and drop shadow.
Go to the credits layer and add your tube.
Use this drop shadow -5,5,50,5.

Grab the rockin skull-re size-55%-rotate-free-left-15%-and place as a new layer on the top right rectangle you merged down.
Go to the black star border-add a new layer and add the motorcycle-add drop shadow.
On the motorcycle layer-grab the sunglasses-re size-45%-add as a new layer-add drop shadow.
On the star layer-add a new layer-add the rock on hand-re size-45% and place at the bottom left star.
The black rectangle layer-grab the spiked belt- and place in the middle of the rectangle-add drop shadow.

Merge visible-add your copyright and proper license number.

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