Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elias Halloween-FTU

I am using the tube of Elias Chatzoudis and you can get all his tubes at his store HERE
(I bought this tube at PTE when they were up and running, please use the appropriate license.)
DBS-Bright Noise

That's about it. :D

Open an image 600x250.
Select 2 colors from your tube that compliment each other and use your Foreground gradient and fill your image with that gradient.
Effect-Distortion Effect-Displacement Map,Dither 25 pct, stretch to fit canvas checked,blur 0, 2D, intensity 100%, OK.
Use your preset shape-rectangle and make a rectangle like mine.
Objects-Align-Center In Canvas-Convert To Raster Layer.
Choose a Halloween type font and type out "I Love Halloween" or something else you like.
Make sure it stretches the full length of your canvas.
Objects-Align-Center In Canvas-Convert To Raster Layer.
Add a new layer and add your tube.
Duplicate your tube.
Bottom layer-Blur-Gaussian Blur-3-OK.
Add Xero-Porcelain and make sure all the colors are 0,ok.
Add this drop shadow -5,5,50,5.
Top layer make the blend mode Hard Light.
Hide everything but the tubes and Merge Visible.
Merge Visible again.
Add a new layer and add a color from your tube again.
Selections-Contract-8-ok-invert-Contract-3-ok-add a new layer while you still have the marching ants and add another color, right click to stop the ants.
Add your copyright and license info and name.
Hide the very top layer of your border and merge visible.
Click on the border and use your DBS-Bright Noise-Mix-100%.
Merge all and paste as a new image in your animation shop.
CTL+Z until your noise is gone.
Re add the noise again, merge all, paste before current, and repeat.


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