Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jose Cano-FTU-Tut

For this tut you will need a tube of choice, I'm using Jose Cano who can be found at SATC
I am using animation 247 from Simone and you can find all of her beautiful animations on her blog HERE
Font of choice and your imagination.

Open a new image 600x250 and choose 2 colors from your tube of choice.
Set your background color and foreground color to your liking, go threw your gradient palette and find foreground/background color.
Fill the background with the gradient color.
Add a new layer and add your tube, position where you like, duplicate and hide the top layer.
Open Mura's Miester-copies-duplicate-change the top number to 10.
Effects-artistic-halftone-circle-change the colors to match your tube.

On the tube layer, duplicate again.
Bottom layer-adjust-gaussian blur-5.
Add Xero-Radiance-use default.
Add Xero-porcelian-make sure all the colors are 0.
Add this drop shadow to the bottom tube layer -5,5,50,5.
Top layer change blend mode to luminance or what ever you prefer.

Add a new layer-add a matching color to your tube-selections-contract-6-delete.
Add another new layer-another color that matched your tube or the gradient-selections-contract-3-delete.

Add your copyright and proper license.

How I animated:
Hide the border,tube layers, merge visible.
Copy the halftone,paste as a new layer in animation shop.
Paste before current as many times as the animation, mine was 20.
CTL+A highlights all frames in animation, copy, paste on your halftone layer.
Place where you want.
Hide the merged layer, merge visible rest of the layers.
Copy paste as a new layer, paste before current 20 times, copy, paste on your animation set.
Play and save.


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