Friday, September 21, 2012

Zombiefied-PTU-Crafted By Gina


I am using a wonderful kit called Zombiefied by Crafted By Gina and you and purchase it HERE
I using the art of Pinup Toons and you can get them HERE

I'm using a mask by Vix and you can get her goodies off of her tut site HERE
Font I am using is Beyond Wonderland and is a FTU font you and get HERE
You will also need Eyecandy 4000-Gradient Glow

Lets begin!!

Open paper09-Shift+D and then close out the original.
Apply your mask of choice, Vix's mask is Halloween 0904.
Merge Group and add 2 new layers.
Grab frame01 and place on the top layer and place in the middle of the mask.
Grab paper08-copy-paste on the middle layer under the frame layer.
Use your majik wand and click on the inside of the frame-selections-expand-4-invert-delete and paper layer.
Add a drop shadow to the frame layer and merge down the frame and paper layer.

Grab the green hand, re size 60%-rotate left-15% and place on the upper left of the frame as a new layer.
Grab the "Zombie" word art-re size 65%- rotate-free-15% and place as a new layer on top of the hand you just added.
To the word art, add a gradient glow and a drop shadow.
Add your tube as a new layer and a drop shadow.
Re size if you need.

On the tube layer, add the cat-re size 55% and place to the bottom right of the frame.
On the "Zombie" word layer, add a new layer and grab the 2 balloons.
Re size bother balloons 65% and rotate one left and the other right and add a drop shadow.
On the same layer add the bats-re size 55% and place in the frame.
On the same layer you are on, grab 2 pieces of candy.
The round piece re size 55% and place to the bottom left of the frame.
The long piece, rotate free-15%-Right- add a drop shadow.
Move your tube so it looks like she is sitting on the candy.
Merge visible and add your copyright and also license info and enjoy.
You may animate from this point on if you wish or just leave as is.

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