Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You're Bootiful-PTU-Crated By Gina

For this tut I'm using Crafted By Gina's kit You're Bootiful and you can get it at SATC
You will need a tube of choice and I'm using Pinup Toons which you can get a CDO
You need a license to use this tube.
Font of choice and the one I'm using I am totally addicted to and that's Champagne and Limousines and yo can get it HERE

Open paper03 Shift+d and close out the original papers.
Layer-Promote background layer.
Grab string03 and place on the paper layer as a new layer, try and get it as close to the center of the page as possible.
Re size the paper layer about 90%.
Use the magik wand and click on the inside of the frame.
Selections-Modify-Expand-4-Invert-Delete the paper layer.
Add your tube as a new layer and trim it up so it fits in the string frame.
Grab the spider web and place as a new layer UNDER your tube layer.
Click in the inside of the fame again and repeat the above instructions when you deleted the paper from the string.
Add a drop shadow I use 1,1,80,5.
Grab spider2 and place that behind the sting layer and add a drop shadow.
(Look at my tag if you get lost.)
Grab the cauldron and place as a new layer on the knot of the string and add a drop shadow.
Grab the bubbles resize-45% and place right above the cauldron and add a slight drop shadow.
Grab the green potion re size-45% and place to the left of the cauldron.
Grab potion02 re size-35% and place right next to the other potion you just added.
Grab frog02 re size-55% and place right by the potions.
Grab the other frog re size-55% and place on top of the green potion.
Grab ghost re size-55%-mirror and place right above the frogs foot....lol
Merge visible and duplicate-delete the bottom layer.
Grab the sign and place behind the tag all the way to the left.
Grab the moon re size-75% and place behind the tag all the way to the upper left corner.
Merge visible and add all your copyrights and enjoy!!

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  1. WooHoo!! I love this tag. Thank you so much for tut'ing my kit.