Wednesday, October 3, 2012


You will need my BCA kit that you can find HERE
You will also need a BCA tube of choice. I'm using one I bought from MPT, but you can also now find Elias tubes HERE
I'm also using my BCA template and gradient you can get off my scrap blog HERE
Pretty script font of choice or MarmaladeJF which I used and you can get FTU HERE
Eyecandy-4000-Gradient Glow and Xero-Porcelain.

Lets begin!!

Open my BCA template-Shift+D and close out the original template.
Remove my credit layer and also the pink ribbon.
Raster4 add paper01 and add a gradient glow.
Add a drop shadow. I used 1,1,80,5
Next layer I added paper03 and a gradient glow.
Add another drop shadow.
Raster3 add my BCA gradient or paper07 and a gradient glow.
Add drop shadow.
Raster2, leave alone for now.
Word circle, you can change the color or add a gradient glow and drop shadow.
Add your tube as a new layer.
Back to raster2.
Add a close up of your BCA tube add a new layer.
On raster2 layer do the fallowing:
Selections-float-defloat-invert-delete the close up layer.
Duplicate your closeup tube layer.
On the bottom layer Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-5 and add Xero-Porcelain.
Make sure all the colors are 0.
On the top layer, play around with your blend mode.
I used Hard Light.
Lower opacity to 60%- add porcelain again and merge down.
Add a slight drop shadow.

Lets decorate!!

Grab flower 1 and 2.
Re size flower01-roate-free-15%-right and place as a new layer just under the large circle and add a drop shadow.
Do the same again for flower02 as above and repeat again for flower01.
Look at my tag for ideas.
Add flair01- re size 55%-rotate-15%-right-free and place as a new layer.
Drag your flair layer just below the word circle.
On the word circle layer grab the pink sneakers-re size- 50% and place in front of the flair as a new layer and add a drop shadow.
On the tube layer add butterfly01-re size-40%-rotate-free-left and place on top of a flower of choice.
Merge visible.
Add your copyright and license info and your done.

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