Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fibromyalgia Awareness-Crafted By Gina-FTU


I'm using a wonderful awareness kit from Gina. You can find it on her blog HERE

You will need a mask and the Misfits blog has a bunch of wonderful masks HERE

I'm using the work of Keith Garvey and you can find his tubes PTE
You need a license to use his work.

I'm not sure of the font I'm using is FTU or not, but DaFont has a ton of free fonts you can grab HERE

Filter used Xero-Porcelain

I chose to animate my tag using some butterflies.
The butterflies I used can be found HERE

This is a full size kit and there will be a bunch of resizing.

Lets begin!!

Open your paper03 and resize to 700x700, copy and paste as a new image, CTL V.
Add your mask and merge group.
Add 2 layers On the top layer grab frame 2 and resize 30% and place in the middle of the mask layer.
On the layer below the frame, grab paper paper01 and resize to 600x600 and place below the the frame.
Trim up the paper layer by using your rectangle selection tool.
On that same paper layer add your tube and trim it up using the rectangle selection tool again.
Add the Xero-Porcelain default setting and kit OK.

Merge visible and lets decorate!!

Grab the wrap02 and resize 30% and place at the bottom of the frame.
Grab flower01, resize 10% and place on the bow of the wrap.
Grab the awareness ribbon, resize 15%, rotate free-right-15% and place at the upper left corner of the frame.
Grab flower02, resize 10%, and place on the awareness ribbon.
(Don't forget to add your drop shadows.)

Grab birdie 1&2, resize 15%, place at the bottom right corner of the wrap and place so it looks like they are kissing.
Grab butterfly 2&3, resize 10% and place around the flower on the wrap.
I mirrored the second butterfly so it looked like they were flying around it.

Add your copyright info and license.

If you wish to animate from here, this is how I did it.

Open your selected animation in animation shop and highlight all the frames CTL A,leave as is for now.
(My butterfly animation has 15 frames.)
Open your tag in animation shop as a new animation and place before current until you have 15 frames or as many as your animation has in it.

CTL A highlight all frames of your tag and just leave as for now.
Copy your animation and place on the FIRST frame of your tag and place it where you'd like.
View your animation and make sure it's where it needs to be and enjoy!!

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