Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dark Streak-PTU-SkySraps

For this tut you will need a tube of choice.
I'm using the stunning work of Suzanne Woolcott, you must have a license to use her work and you can purchase her tubes and other art HERE

The kit I'm using is Dark Streak by Skyscraps. You can purchase her kits and tubes SATC

You will need a mask of choice and you can find a ton of free ones HERE

You will also need a font of choice and the one I'm using is PTU, but Fontspace has some great free ones for you to choose from HERE

No filters are needed so lets begin!!

Open your paper of choice, copy and paste as a new image, CTL V.
Apply your mask of choice.

Grab the rose bunch and place as a new layer.
Resize to 45%, rotate free-60 degrees and place to the bottom of the mask.
(Look at my tag for reference.)
Copy, paste and mirror the rose and place so the stems overlap each other.

On the mask layer grab both of the loopy candy canes and resize 50% and place the dark one first to the left of the roses and then the lighter of the candy canes.
If you notice, they look like trees.
Don't forget to add a drop shadow.

Next grab the twig and berries and resize 35% and place in front of the tree.
Back to the rose layer.

Add your tube as a new layer.
Back to the rose layer,

Grab your flowers of choice from the kit you are using.
Resize 30% and place on the rose layer.
I did mine as so.

Resize 30%, added drop shadow, placed, copy, paste, mirror, and place.

Merge visible and add all you copyright and license info and you done.

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