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For this you will need Mura's Miester-Clouds.
Template of choice: Toxic Desirez is where I found mine.
Tube of choice: Elias Chatzoudis PTE. Please make sure you have the proper copyright and license number.
Font of choice: I used Cinnamon Roll Frosted font and can't share due to it being PTU.
Ummm........Oh and a picture of a creepy house also. I have one on my blog and you can find it HERE

Open your template and delete the info.

On the rectangle part past your creepy house. Trim it up with the rectangle tool.
On the dotted line add a little noise or just leave alone.
Spookylicious change the color to a color in your tube.
I made mine a blackish gray. 202020 I believe.
Onto the
Add a layer on top of the moon.
Used mura's miester-cloud and use 2 colors that make it look like a moon.
I used 2 different grays.
Now that you have done that, use your majik wand and click on the moon.
Selections-Invert, click on the cloud you made and hit delete.
You should have a circle left behind.
Delete the original moon and add a gradient glow to your new (No pun
Merge visible and add your tube, license number, and person getting this tag.

Animate if you want.

My tag is up top for a idea.

While adding your font, add a drop shadow.
Go to noise, 25% random.
Merge all, click on the bats, noise 25% random.
Copy and paste in animation.
Do this again and paste before current.
Do this again, one more time, paste before current.

You should have 3 frames.
Resize if needed and save.

Avatar!! 150x150

Use the same mura's cloud.
Add your tube, resize a bit.
Add copyright and license number.
Add a new layer.

On the bottom later, selection, select all, float, modify, select border, 3...On the top layer add a color from your tube to your frame.
Add name or initial of person receiving the set.


If you want to animate, just look over the tag part.

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