Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elias Christmas Tut


For this tut I am using the work of ELias Chatzoudis. You need a license to use his tubes and you can purchase his work HERE
I am using some Christmas templates Minxy made and you can get them off her blog HERE
Font I used is MaSexy and you can get this freebie font HERE

No scraps needed, just some plugins and a bit of imagination!!

Open Minxy's template439-shift&D and close out the original template.

Remove Minxy's credits and also the background layer.
Merge down copy of dotted circle and dotted circle.
Change the color, adjust-color balance-manual color correction-the top color is the color you are changing and the bottom color is the color you want to make it.
Choose a color from your tube-adjust-noise-100%-uniform.
Merge down circle 2 and circle.
Change the color if you wish like you did above.
Apply Tramages-Tow The Line the default settings.
Apply a white gradient glow to the circle and this drop shadow 1,1,80,5.
On the black square change the color if you wish and add Xero-Fritillary and just mess around with the settings to something you like.
Add a white gradient glow and the drop shadow as above.
Merge down square 3&2 and change the color if you wish, I left if green.
Go to Effects-Texture Effects-Blinds-5,45 color black, horizontal and reapply the same effect and check from left to right and horizontal and see what happens!!
Apply the white gradient glow and same drop shadow.
Repeat above for the red box.
The white back of the tree, add the noise and drops shadow.
We are starting with tree pt4 and add the tramages zero tolerance default settings strait down to pt1.
Tree end add the xero fritillary.
Square back add noise and drop shadow.
For the word art, grab your magic want and make sure the contigous isn't checked and click on the black part and change the color to a color of your tube, add noise to your liking.
Add your tube as a new layer and re size to fit the tag.
Add your license info and proper copyright.
Merge visible and if you wish to animate you may do so.

This is how I did mine.
Add name you want, convert to raster layer.
Selections-select all-float-defloat- add a new layer, add gradient glow.
Add this drop shadow 1,1,80,5 and make sure shadow on a new layer is CHECKED.
Add noise-100%-uniform, merge all.
Copy and paste in your animation shop.
Go back until your noise is gone from your gradient glow.
Re add the noise, merge all, copy, and paste before current.
Repeat and view your animation and save.


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