Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rac Lucky-FTU


The only thing you will need for this is a tube of choice and also DBS Flux-Bright Noise and Mura's Copies.
I'm using the work of Ismael Rac and you can find his store HERE.

Open your new image 600x300 and fill with the color of choice from your tube.
You can either use a shamrock tube that's already on your PSP or make one using a preset shape.

Place it where you want as a new layer and open you Mura-Copies and in the preset menu use the Wallpaper(perspective) and just play around with the number at the top.
I believe I used about 30.
Merge All!!

Place your tube as a new layer.
I used a close up on the left and a med size one on the right.
You can play with how you want to place them, my tag just gives you a idea.

Adjust-Sharpen and add a drop shadow of your choice.
Duplicate and then it's just playing around with the layer blending mode on the right of your PSP.
I used Hard Light and Color.

Merge all and lets add the borders.
Selections, select all, add a new layer, selections, contract 6, invert.
Fill with a color of choice from your tube.
Grab your majik wand and click on the inside of the border you just added and contract 3 and invert and fill with another color from your tube and click off and merge all.

Add your copyright and license number.

To animate, grab your majik wand again and click on the border you want to animate.

Open your DBS Flux-bright noise.
Paste in animation shop.
CTL Z helps you go back until there's no more noise on the pate you are animating.
Bright noise again 40% and ok.
Paste before current.
Go back and do this again and make the bright noise 45% and paste before current again.
View your animation and your done!!

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