Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Garv Warned!!


For this tut you will need:
Font of choice. The ones I used are PTU and I can't share them.
Tube of choice: I used Keith Garvey and you can find him at his own store HERE (The tube I'm using was bought at MPT and I'm using my MPT license number.)
Ummmmmmmmm............Of and a background which I have supplied for you HERE

Ok.....Lets begin...This is EASY and you can add your own little twists!!

Open your PSP 600x200.
Paste on the background and Merge ALL.
Add a layer and grab your tube.
Add a gradient glow to your tube and a background.

Grab your Preset Shape and draw out a rectangle.
Convert to Raster Layer.
Now...Choose a font and type what you want.
"I'm the one your mother warned you about." (What ever works best of you. You can use what I typed if you want.)
Convert to raster layer.
Now you can going to copy the lettering and delete that layer.
Paste it onto your Preset Shape and add a slight drop shadow.
Now, open your Xenofex2 and add a crumple and a drop shadow.
We all have staples, brads, ect... in our little scrap stash and add them to the note.

Add your copyright and license number.
Add a name for the person receiving the tag.

Lets ANIMATE!! Woooo Hoooooo!!

I used my majik wand and clicked on the red in my tubes hair.
I added noise at 50% random.
Right click so the ants are no longer marching.

Paste in your animation shop.
Do this again and paste before current.
Do this until you have 3 frames.

Lets add a little BLING!!

You can find a BUNCH of coll animations on Missy's blog HERE.
BTW: Leave her a little love and grab the templates while you are there too.....lol

Ok...The animation I used is SmallSparkleBurst.
With the 3 frames you have already, CTL A will light them all up.
CTL C will copy them and to the Paste Before Current until you have a total of 15 frames.
Open the animation and CTL A and then CTL C.
Paste it on the hand and view your animation.
You can always go back and reposition the animation until you like what you see.

Save and your done!!


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