Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rac Halloween Tag


For this tut you will need....Template and Halloween/gothic tube of choice.

Template you can get FSTemplate.psd.
Tube of choice is Ismael Rac and you can get his amazing tubes HERE.
Mura's Miesters: Copies
Alien Skin Xenonfle2: Lightning

Lets start...

Open my template and remove the top 2 layer, but don't delete them totally.
Next find a tube and pic a color or a gradient that suits your tube.
On the bottom layer, fill it with that gradient.
Now, go to EFFECTS, Textures, Mosaic Antique, and use these settings: 30 checked symmetric, 50, 2, 15.

Next remove the grid and the right spider web.
Click on the left spider web, Mura's Miesters, Copies, and the WALL PAPER setting and click OK. There should be a bunch of spider webs scattered about.
Add a new layer...

Add your tube.

For the outer frame got to EFFECTS,Artistic, Halftone.
Use these setting. Line, 2, greyscale, and use 2 matching colors from your tube.
Add a drop shadow.
Top layer add your lic number, copyright, and name of the person receiving the tag.
Remember that spider web layer??

We are going to add some lighting!!! (This is going to be easy!!)
Open your XenonFlex2: Lightning....There's really no specific setting.
Find a bolt that you like.
Click OK and Merge ALL.

CTL C will copy it for your animation shop.
CTL V will place it in your animation shop.

Go back to the lightning and Ramdom Seed another bolt.
Copy and Paste Before Animation. (You will see the little folders on top and just click paste before animation.)
Do this again until you have 3 frames open in your animation shop.

ALT and Enter will let you control how fast the frames move.
Save and you have a new tag!!!

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