Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pop Dat Cherry-PTU-Fabulous Designz

I am using Janice's kit Pop Dat Cherry which can be found at SATC

I am using Elias Chatzoudis and you can get all his tubes and other incredible work HERE

I am using Kristin's Valentine template that you can find on her blog HERE
If you download from her blog, leave her some love.

Open your template-Shift&D-close out the original template.
Remove the credits, froggie stickers on the sides, "Froggie" word art, and the heart.

Merge down raster 11 and the copy of raster 11, change the color to your liking and add Xero-Fritillary and use these settings I used.

Merge down raster 10 and copy of raster 10 and add Tramages-Tow The Line, use the default settings.

Merge down raster 9 and copy of raster 9 and fill with paper1.
Merge down raster 8 and copy of raster 8 and fill with paper9.
Fill raster 7 with paper10 and add a white gradient glow.
The pink glitter circle use Shift&L and change the color of the circle to grey to do that make sure the right number is "0".
Fill the other circle with paper2.

Merge down raster 4&3.
Add a new layer and grab plates, re size, 45% and place to the bottom of the circle.
Open your tube and add as a new lay and make it appear to be sitting or whatever on the plates.
Re size as needed for the tube.

On the tube layer do this.
Selections-float-defloat-add a new layer and add a white gradient glow.
Click off the white gradient glow and adjust-add noise-uniform-100%.
Merge down the gradient glow to the tube and add this drop shadow-1,1,50,5.

Add a new layer to raster8 and add bow1-re size-40%-rotate-right-15%.
On the rounded rectangle layer add the heart cherries-as a new layer-re size-35%-add a white gradient glow-duplicate-mirror-merge down and add the same drop shadow as above.
On the same layer as the cherries grab big flower2-re size-45% and place to the upper left of the template-duplicate-mirror-flip-merge down- add the above drop shadow.
Do the same thing with the red flower.
Back to the plates, choose 2 cupcakes-re size-55% and place to either side of the plates.
Merge visible-add your copyright and proper license and enjoy!!

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